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Technology Information Confederation Africa
The TICONA (Technology Information Confederation Africa) brings African marketing professionals together for networking and training events throughout the year.
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Technology Information Confederation Africa
The TICONA offers an array of professional ICT courses and qualifications to signed up professionals of its member organisations.
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Technology Information Confederation Africa
Our Strategic ICT Magazine is available online for ease of viewing
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Technology Information Confederation Africa
The latest news for the African ICT professional.
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Technology Information Confederation Africa

The Technology Information Confederation Africa is the ground-breaking Pan African body of technology professionals spearheading the ongoing development of the highest possible standards of information technology knowledge and practice across Africa.


Founding members are also the Primary members for their respective countries










South Africa





The Technology space in Africa is developing rapidly as governments and businesses on the continent are deploying technology to transform and become more efficient. New and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Software Engineering, Robotics, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Metaverse among others are becoming common. Technology has become an effective tool enabling how individuals and businesses interact. It has also helped governments engage their citizens and influencers such as celebrities connect with their community, fans and followers. However, the continent is yet to realize the full potential and benefits of these emerging technologies due to skills gaps, technology infrastructural gaps, cultural barriers, regulation red tapes in some countries just to name a few.

One major area identified to help bridge the gap is building the capacity of ICT professionals across the African continent through a platform that will help with knowledge sharing, skills development, partnership and investment by technology organizations. 

Technology Information Confederation Africa (TICONA) Is A Continental Nonprofit Organization Which Aims At Adding Value To African ICT Professional Associations Across The Continent Through Five Major Initiatives: Research And Development On ICT Needs On The African Continent, Publications Of ICT Related Activities In Various Countries For Knowledge Sharing Of Best Practices, Education To Build Capacity Of ICT Professionals In Various Countries Through Professional Qualifications, Networking Events Such As Annual Conferences That Brings Together ICT Professionals From Different African Countries To Share Knowledge And Business Contacts, Finally, Revenue Mobilization For Capacity Building Of Professionals In Various Countries.

In summary, the objective of TICONA is to add value to its members by helping them to develop standards for African ICT Professionals and make ICT a career worthy of choice to propel socio-economic development of the continent. TICONA is poised to connect with all active ICT Professional Associations in all countries on the African continent to build a vibrant confederation that will ensure standardization of professional qualifications, research, publications, events and regulation reforms. In addition, TICONA aims at supporting countries without ICT Professionals Association to setup and mobilize professionals within those countries. Join us on this journey with this new chapter of a pan-African collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Technology industry. TICONA, your ICT Professional’s Association!

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Client Testimonials

ICTAZ Zimbabwe

The Organization seeks to empower society to master emerging technologies as essential tools and catalysts for sustainable development and independently watch-dogging the impact of ICTs on the environment and society for the good of the people and our planet.

ICTAZ Zambia

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Zambia ICTAZ was established by an Act of parliament; ICTAZ Act no. 7 of 2018 of the laws of Zambia. This was to provide for the registration of Information and Communications Technology professionals and regulate their professional conduct in the interest of the information and communications technology sector.
Section 3(1) of the Act renamed the Computer Society of Zambia registered under the Societies Act to the Information and Communications Technology Association of Zambia.


The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) is a professional Association which is made up of professionals in various domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) practice. The Institute is a connector of ICT professionals from Government MDAs, educational institutions, corporate organizations, start-ups, investors, and the civil society organizations to create a vibrant ICT ecosystem. The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana is a non-profit organisation which is made up of members in various domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) practice.

ICTAU Uganda

Develop a compelling Brand Proposition for Uganda’s ICT Sector

  • Support the development of an ICT technology HUB/Park in Uganda for Uganda.
  • Encourage and nurture the creation and development of lead technology for development software and mobile applications

 To develop and promote a competitive ICT Industry in Uganda

 To develop world class Ugandan ICT institutions through professionalism

  • Establish and Position the ICT Association as a global innovator 
  • Become the principal partner in governance and the implementation of E-Systems initiatives
  • Accelerate the development of ICT skills in “Secondary” and tertiary institutions
  • Develop and implement a formal partnership with the stakeholders in ICT sector

To develop launch and drive a National System of innovation in the country
To increase ICT access, and adoption for all Ugandans


The South African ICT Association is a non-profit organisation that promotes ICT development in South Africa by maintaining high standards of professional skills, ability, ethics, and integrity amongst South African ICT professionals, organisations, and companies. 

BITS Botswana

The Botswana Information Technology Society (BITS) is a non-profit, voluntary professional organisation representing the various information Technology (IT) stakeholders in the government, industry and academic sectors (public and private) of Botswana.

Ictam Malawi

The ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) is an umbrella body of all ICT professionals in Malawi. Our mission is to offer ICT leadership by catalyzing policy changes and by supporting related developments aimed at enabling Malawians to participate effectively in the modern technology-based global economy, benefiting the Nation and its partners.