TICON Africa & Empowering
Women in African ICT

Prominent Women in ICT and Their Achievements

Africa boasts a host of talented women making significant contributions to the ICT sector.

TICON Africa proudly introduces:

the Women in ICT Chapter

dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector across Africa.

With Africa witnessing a rapid surge in ICT adoption, TICON Africa acknowledges the pivotal role of women in driving innovation and growth in this dynamic industry.
The establishment of the Women in ICT Chapter signifies TICON Africa’s commitment to empowering women, addressing challenges, and providing opportunities for their advancement in the ICT sector.

Here is an overview of what this new initiative entails: 

The Women in ICT Chapter aims to create an inclusive environment that nurtures professional growth, leadership development, and networking opportunities for women in ICT throughout Africa.

Membership is open to all women in Africa interested in furthering the objectives of the chapter through TICON Africa. Additionally, external individuals, including partners and ICT professionals, may participate as non-voting members or guests.

The chapter is led by a diverse team, including a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and committee members, with a focus on fostering diversity and inclusion.

Regular meetings, workshops, seminars, and networking events are organised to support the professional development of women in ICT.

TICON Africa advocates for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the ICT sector through internal and external initiatives, engaging with organisations and educational institutions.

The Women in ICT Chapter collaborates with relevant departments and initiatives within TICON Africa and external organisations to amplify impact and support common objectives.

Chapter leadership provides regular reports to TICON Africa management on activities, achievements, and challenges encountered. Periodic reviews ensure alignment with TICON Africa’s goals and values, incorporating feedback from members and stakeholders.

Importance of Empowering Women in African ICT

Despite progress, African women in ICT face challenges such as limited access to education and training, cultural barriers, and gender biases.
TICON Africa collaborates with stakeholders to implement targeted initiatives to address these challenges.

Meeting the Challenges

Despite progress, African women in ICT face challenges such as limited access to education and training, cultural barriers, and gender biases. TICON Africa collaborates with stakeholders to implement targeted initiatives to address these challenges.

Finding Solutions

TICON Africa believes in a holistic approach to empowering women in African ICT, offering education and training programs, mentorship opportunities, and scholarships tailored to women in ICT.

The Future Vision

As Africa's ICT landscape evolves, TICON Africa envisions a future where women lead Africa's digital revolution, contributing to innovation and growth.

Strategic Imperative of Empowering Women in African ICT

Empowering women in African ICT is not just about gender equality but a strategic imperative for industry success.
TICON Africa believes in harnessing the full potential of its ICT sector by investing in women’s education, skills development, and leadership opportunities.

TICON Africa is committed to championing gender equality and women's empowerment in the African ICT industry, paving the way for a more prosperous and equitable digital Africa.
Let us prioritise the empowerment of women, ensuring they lead Africa's digital transformation journey. TICON Africa stands ready to lead towards a more inclusive and more prosperous future for African ICT.
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Women in ICT at TICON Africa Conference 2024

The Women in ICT Chapter and the empowerment of women in the African ICT industry will be one of the primary focuses at the
TICON Africa Conference 2024, to be held in Mombasa, Kenya, from 25 to 27 September 2024.

Click here for more information and book your spot at this year’s TICON Africa Conference.

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    Folasade Femi-Lawal

    Rowena Turinawe, Head of Innovation and Digital Service at Centenary Technology Services, recently earned the esteemed title of ‘ICT Young Professional of the Year’ at the 2023 TICON Africa Conference.

    Emphasising the significance of innovation beyond technology, she highlights its role in fostering inclusivity and shaping a future where technology bridges opportunities. Turinawe’s journey reflects her dedication to the ICT sector, from her involvement in crafting Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap to her collaboration with MTN Uganda on national digital skilling programs.

    Her extensive experience across public and private sectors, coupled with recognition as one of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Tech, underscores her leadership and visionary approach. Turinawe’s relentless pursuit of excellence serves as an inspiration, with the industry anticipating her future achievements eagerly.

    Joice Benza

    Joice Benza is a prominent figure in Africa’s ICT industry, renowned for her leadership and pioneering work in digital transformation.

    As the CEO of X-Pert Solutions, she leverages over 35 years of experience to deliver cutting-edge solutions in business strategy, cybersecurity, and project management. Benza’s expertise extends to Big Data Analytics and AI, positioning her as a visionary in navigating modern technology landscapes.

    She actively mentors and trains ICT professionals, while her governance roles on boards like the AFC Insurance Board and the presidency of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (a primary member country of TICON Africa) underline her commitment to advancing the industry.

    With academic credentials from Nottingham Trent University and Wits Business School, Benza continues to drive Africa’s ICT evolution with resilience and innovation.


    Anne Amuzu

    Anne Amuzu is a prominent figure in African tech, renowned for co-founding Nandimobile, a mobile technology company in Ghana.

    With a background in computer science, she has led Nandimobile to become a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative customer service solutions. Beyond her role at Nandimobile, Amuzu is a mentor and advocate for women in tech, passionate about empowering the next generation of African innovators. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to driving positive change continue to inspire across the continent.

    Lillian Barnard

    Lillian Barnard, Microsoft Africa President, boasts over two decades of experience in the ICT sector, marked by her groundbreaking achievements.

     In 2019, she made history as Microsoft South Africa’s first female CEO, and her ascent continued with her promotion to Microsoft Africa President in 2023. With a diverse background including executive roles at Vodacom and IBM, including an international assignment in France and Switzerland, Barnard brings a wealth of expertise to her current position.

    A fervent advocate for women’s empowerment, she actively fosters a culture of gender equality within Microsoft, exemplified by her collaboration with Duke Corporate Education to design a women-focused course. Barnard’s advice to women and young girls emphasises courage, surrounding oneself with inspirational figures, and striving for personal excellence.

    Her leadership embodies a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and driving positive change in the tech industry.

    Ethel Cofie

    Ethel Cofie is a prominent figure in African tech, serving as the CEO of Edel Technology Consulting.

    With a background in computer science, she has led Edel to become a leading tech consulting firm in Africa, providing digital strategy and technology advisory services. Cofie is also a passionate advocate for women in tech, founding initiatives like Women in Tech Ghana and Women in Tech Africa. Her leadership and dedication to empowering businesses through technology continue to inspire across the continent.

    Funke Opeke

    Funke Opeke, CEO and founder of MainOne, a leading telecommunications and networks company, has left an indelible mark on the industry, particularly in Africa. With a career spanning two decades in the US, including high-profile positions at Verizon Communications, Opeke returned to Nigeria in 2005 to contribute her expertise to MTN.

    Her career trajectory saw her advising on significant acquisitions and assuming interim executive roles. MainOne’s landmark achievement under her leadership was the construction of West Africa’s inaugural privately owned submarine cable system, completed in 2010 within budget and on schedule. This pioneering project facilitated unprecedented connectivity across the region.

    Opeke’s commitment to gender equality in STEM fields is evident in her advocacy for initiatives aimed at empowering women and girls, reflecting her dedication to levelling the playing field in technology.

    Nollie Maoto

    Nollie Maoto, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Merchant Services at FNB, boasts over 15 years of experience in the financial services sector and is a respected figure in the global data and analytics industry.

    With a fervent dedication to empowering women in this field, Maoto advocates for increased training opportunities for female data scientists, recognising the value of diverse perspectives in enhancing team performance and mitigating biases in algorithm creation, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence (AI). Her efforts have earned her numerous accolades, including being crowned Data Analytics Leader of the Year 2022 by Dalebrook Media South Africa and being named one of CDO Magazine’s Global Data Power Women for 2022.

    Additionally, she was honoured as one of the 2022 Corinium Global Top 100 Leaders in Data & Analytics and recognised as one of the 50 most inspiring women in STEM sectors in South Africa by Inspiring Fifty SA in 2021. Named the CDO Ambassador for South Africa in 2022, Maoto continues to make significant strides in advancing the role of women in data and analytics, both locally and internationally.

    Folasade Femi-Lawal

    Folasade Femi-Lawal, with over 25 years of industry experience, has recently taken on the role of Mastercard’s Head for West Africa. Her extensive background includes leadership positions at prominent institutions such as First Bank in Nigeria, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the bank’s mobile financial services and digital banking strategy. Before her tenure at First Bank, she held key roles at United Bank of Africa and Airtel.

    In her current capacity at Mastercard, Femi-Lawal is focused on strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders to advance the company’s mission of fostering a more connected and inclusive digital economy in West Africa.

    She is also dedicated to supporting the Nigerian government’s agenda for developing a robust, inclusive, and secure digital economy, particularly empowering women in this sphere.

    Rebecca Enonchong

    Rebecca Enonchong is a trailblazing figure in African tech, known for her leadership as the founder and CEO of AppsTech. 

    Born in Cameroon, she pursued studies in economics and finance before venturing into technology. In 1999, she founded AppsTech, a global provider of enterprise application solutions. Enonchong’s advocacy for women in technology and her mentorship initiatives inspire the next generation of female technologists. She actively engages in Africa’s tech ecosystem, serving on boards and advisory committees. Enonchong’s vision, leadership, and advocacy continue to drive innovation and empowerment, leaving a lasting impact on the African tech landscape.

    Juliet Ehimuan

    Juliet Ehimuan is a leading figure in African tech, serving as the Country Director of Google Nigeria.

    With a background in computer engineering and an MBA from Stanford University, she brings extensive expertise to her role. Since joining Google Nigeria in 2011, Ehimuan has driven initiatives that empower individuals and businesses through technology. She is also a passionate advocate for STEM education and digital inclusion across Africa. Ehimuan’s leadership and contributions continue to shape the tech industry in Nigeria and inspire positive change across the continent


    ICTAZ Zimbabwe

    The Organization seeks to empower society to master emerging technologies as essential tools and catalysts for sustainable development and independently watch-dogging the impact of ICTs on the environment and society for the good of the people and our planet.